Classes are on a 34 week annual basis!  There is a discount for all fees paid up front! Tuition fees only increase if you choose to pay monthly.   If fees are paid in full the cost is much cheaper.  The following fees reflect monthly payments only!

Registration Fee $35/student !

10% discount for tuition paid in full!*Please note that your registration process is not complete until registration fees have been paid and the registration pick form has been complete in the office.

Class ListMonthly AUTO-PAY Required

Twinkle Babies Creative Movement/Tap Combination Ages 2-3


Twinkle Bears Creative Movement/Tap Combination-Ages 3-4

$45. 53

Twinkle Stars Pre-Ballet/Tap (once a week) Ages 5-6


Beginner Ballet and Tap (once a week) any age


Primary Ballet, Tap & Jazz (once a week) Ages 6-8


Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced (twice weekly)


Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced (three times weekly)


Classes 4 times each week


Classes 5 times each week


Classes 6 times & more each week


Adult Dance ($15/class)


Piano-In studio only (Private lessons)
Voice-In studio only (Private Lessons)


Acrodance (tumbling)-In studio Only Limited students