Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee $35/student !

Classes are on a 34 week annual basis!  There is a discount for all fees paid up front! Tuition fees only increase if you choose to pay monthly.   If fees are paid in full the cost is much cheaper.  The following fees reflect monthly payments only!

Twinkle Babies Creative Movement/Tap Combination Ages 2-3 $40.00 $48.00
Twinkle Bears Creative Movement/Tap Combination-Ages 3-4 $43.00 $52.00
Twinkle Stars Pre-Ballet/Tap (once a week) Ages 5-6 $48.00 $57.00
Beginner Ballet and Tap (once a week) any age $48.00 $57.00
Primary Ballet, Tap & Jazz (once a week) Ages 6-8 $56.00 $67.00
Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced (twice weekly) $70.00 $84.00
Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced (three times weekly) $80.00 $96.00
Classes 4 times each week $90.00 $108.00
Classes 5 times each week $121.00 $145.00
Classes 6 times & more each week $132.00 


Adult Dance ($15/class) $48.00 $57.00
Fun Stuff Classes (4 sessions or $20/class) $75.00  
Acro Dance (tumbling) $48.00 $57.00


10% discount for tuition paid in full!*Please note that your registration process is not complete until registration fees have been paid and the registration pick form has been complete in the office.

Classes are on a 34 week annual basis!  There is a discount for all fees paid up front!*MUST HAVE CREDIT CARD ON FILE TO REGISTER

Family pass rates & multiple class discounts are available upon request.

Tuition and Payment Information

You will be paying for the entire school year of 34 weeks of classes held over nine months from September through May.  Early registration is due in May, at a discounted rate.  The registration fee is due in August along with September tuition.  All other months are due on the first of each calendar month.  New students joining after September will have their class charges pro-rated from the time they join.  We accept cash, checks, debit/credit cards, money orders, and online through PayPal.

The calendar in each month will vary depending upon which day you have your class.  Some months, you may have 2 or 3 classes, others 4 or 5.  Everyone will have had 34 classes over the nine months.  If for any reason you decide to discontinue your classes, before December 31st, you are only obligated to pay past due balances and not the balance of the school year.  After December 31st, you are obligated to pay for January through May.

We have a very fair policy regarding our payment for tuition and subsequent assessment of late fees. Payments are due on the first of each calendar month.  There is no late fee assessed until after 10th of the month.  Any account unpaid after the 10th of the month will have late charges assessed of $10.00 per a month.  Payments may be made at the office or online.  No credit is given for student absences, missed/no show, cancellation or make up classes.  If you make a payment late, please include your late fee or you will be billed.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Return check fee is $25.00

Any student with an overdue balance of more than 45 days will not be allowed into class until payment in full is received.  Overdue balances must be paid by cash, money order, or credit/debit card.

If you change your class style, add or delete a class or have any questions concerning the monthly charge, please inform the front office.

Please make up any missed class within one month of your absence if possible, no credit will be given for missed classes.

The quality of our facility and faculty depends upon a system of mutual respect and cooperation.  We understand that anyone may make a late payment from time to time, but please be respectful of our late fee policy and when applicable, graciously include your late fee in your next payment.  Thank you.


You WILL NOT be receiving a monthly bill/statement from our office for your monthly tuition.  All payments are due on the first of each calendar month.  If at any time you would like a printed statement of your account you may request one.  Please note your payments as you make them for the school year.  Monthly statements will be mailed for overdue balances only.  

Our students are in our databases alphabetically by their last name.  Many of our students have different last names from parents and/or grandparents who are paying for tuition.  In order for us to properly credit your account, the following details will be important for us to know each time you make a payment.

When making a payment by check, please include the following information in the memo of your check.  A receipt is available upon request.

  1. Student(s) First & Last Name. (Very Important!!)
  2. State what your are paying for:
  • Monthly Tuition (State the Month)
  • Style/Day/Time of Class
  • Dance Supplies (Shoes, Leotard, Etc.)
  • Costume
  • Tickets

For example:

Julie Smith-Sept Ballet, Tues 4 pm -Lafayette

Julie Smith-Costume

Julie/Amanda Smith-March/Costume Balance

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!