Registration Fee $35/student!
Classes are on a 34-week annual basis!  There is a 10% discount for all fees paid up
front! All Tuition fees must be paid online with autopay using a credit, debit card or ACH.
Fees are 20% more if you opt out of auto-pay or choose to pay Keep in independently.
 The following fees reflect monthly payments only!

Class ListMonthly AUTO-PAY Required

Twinkle Babies Creative Movement/Tap Combination Ages 2-3


Twinkle Bears Creative Movement/Tap Combination-Ages 4-5


Twinkle Stars Pre-Ballet/Tap (one hour of class a week) Ages 5-6


Beginner Ballet and Tap (One hour of class a week) any age


Primary Ballet, Tap & Jazz (1 1/2 hrs. of class a week) Ages 6-8


Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced (Two hours of classes weekly)


3 Hours of classes each


4 Hours of Classes each week


5 Hours of classes each week


6 or more Hours of Classes each week


Adult Dance ($15/class)


Piano-In studio only (Private lessons)
Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin etc.-online only (Private lessons)

Prices Vary Depending on the Instructor

HAPC Company Classes (Audition Only)


Acro dance (tumbling)-In studio Only Limited students


*Please note that your registration process is not complete until registration fees have been paid and the Covid19 waiver has been signed.