If your child has an IEP or other special accomidations we will need a copy of that IEP by September 1st to determaine if our program can accomodate them. Once received a Free trial class will be scheduled we will let you know if he/she can be placed in our program as we do not currently have accomodatons for Special Needs)


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Policies and Procedures


   Students are not allowed to wear jeans at any time.  HAA T-shirts are allowed in a select few classes.  All dance wear must be ordered online through our website with Costume Manager.  Dress code will be strictly enforced.  A student will not be allowed in class without wearing the proper attire.  Hair must be pulled back into a bun.  If braids, braids must be pulled up out of the face into a bun and penned tightly.

Please place the child’s name inside all shoes and outside of all dance bags so that they are not picked up by the wrong student by accident.


The director along with staff is responsible for determining the placement of each student.  In the event that a class is too easy or too difficult the parent will be notified and arrangement will be made to ensure the student grows to his/her full ability.


New material will be taught each week.  Attendance is imperative for the progress of the student.  Some of our concert material are practiced and performed as partners or small groups and their placement is necessary for the teacher to see where the students work best.  When a group member is absent, the entire group’s progression is impaired.  Excused absences include sickness, injury or scheduled appointments that are communicated with the front desk prior to class.  Absences will determine placement or lack thereof in the performance as well as class promotions.

Students are still responsible for payment of all classes whether they are absent or not.  No refunds will be given for tuition, concert fees, costumes or t-shirts.

Sickness or Injury

If a student is not well enough to go to school then they should not attend classes at the studio that day.  This is to ensure no spread of germs to the other students or instructor.

If a student is injured and unable to dance due to doctor’s orders he/she is encouraged to attend class as an observer.  This will help in the student not falling behind in choreography.

Lost and Found-Food and Drink

Both the parent and student are responsible for his/her personal property.  HAA is not responsible for lost or damaged items.  If you lost an item please call the front desk to hold it for you.  We will only hold items for 30 days.

No food, gum, candy or cell phones are allowed in any of our classes.  The student can bring only bottled water to class.  All bags, water etc. are to stay in the student’s dance bag.  If a student is showing signs of weakness they allowed to drink water to hydrate and rest.

Drop off and Pick UP

Do not leave your child unattended before or after class.  Students should not arrive more than 5 minutes early for his/her class.  HAA is not responsible for any student before their class begins.  If it is the last class of the day, you will be charged $1/minute for each minute that your child is picked up late after 10 minutes late.  Please pick up your child on time.  Our staff is not paid overtime and must be compensated by the parent of you are late.

Conduct and Disciplinary Actions

It is our goal to provide students with a well-rounded love for the arts and a safe environment.  We understand all children will have “off days”.  These conduct rules have been established to ensure the highest and safest level of learning for all HAA students.  HAA classes are designed to be a positive activity for students and their parents and we want to work together as a team to create success.  If a child’s behavior is disruptive to the learning process of the class or if the child is physical or emotionally harming any student the parents will be contacted and asked to handle the child.

If a child receives 3 time outs in a month the director will
require a conference with both the parent and the student.  We will discuss positive ways to better direct the child into their best behavior.  Our goal is to always work together as a team for a win-win resolution for everyone concerned.